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Al Jazeera America
May 4, 2014 6:00pm EDT
therefore on promises of a better life made to millions. >> in libya a new prime minister was worn in after a vet and walk outs. businessmen have been asked to help out. today's vote is expected to be challenged by law habers. in india the largest elections are in a final week. it could play a significant role. we explain j. >> reporter: he's a self-made man, a property developer. he heads a construction company in mumbai. he's a follower of a branch of hindu faith. they recorded minority status making them the sixth official minority. joining muslims, christians, buddists and farrsies. they are given preferential treatment in business and commouption. financial lows are easier to access. this move by the government can be interpreted as one to attract votes. this would not sway anyone in the community. calls for the minority status have been ongoing, to protect the doctrine and community. there are vanadvantages. >> more people will go into education. the advantage will be that they'll be able to help people. everyone will be benefitting out of that. >> across the city another busine
FOX News
May 4, 2014 3:00pm PDT
terror attack, in fact, the people on the ground in libya and with direct responsibility kept saying it was. the cia station chief in libya said it was a terror attack. now we found out this week, so did the deputy intelligence director for africom. here was his testimony. >> what we did know quite early on was this was a hostile action. this was no demonstration gone terribly awry. >> senator ayotte, why do you think it is the cia, the state department, and the white house ignored their people on the ground when they said this was not a terror attack? >> because the white house is pushing a political explanation leading up to an election. the president had been saying al qaeda was on the run. they were trying to push a narrative of strength in foreign policy. this did not fit their narrative. this is actually an indication of a broader failure of foreign policy. the light footprint policy. in fact, we know also that secretary dempsey -- excuse me secretary panetta and secretary dempsey knew right away it was a terror attack. that was not pushed by the administration. they were trying t
Al Jazeera America
May 4, 2014 2:00pm EDT
. that's it from london for now. >>> thanks so much, mir yam. >>> libya's parliament chose a new prime minister. now we're looking at live pictures -- we're about to look at live pictures of gerry adams. there we are. that's what we're supposed to be looking at. we should see him being released. he's probably being placed in the van as we speak. we understand these are live pictures coming out where gerry adams, irish republican leader, has been released after three days in police custody. he was questioned in connection with a killing in 1972 of jean mcconville. it was one of the most notorious murderers or killings in the irish conflict. new evidence which had been released to authorities prompted the questioning of gerry adams, and the questioning process was extended over a number of days, inciti inciting strong feelings on both sides of the divide there. now we're looking at the release of the irish republican leader. >>> the parliament has chosen a new prime minister. he was sworn in after being elected by 121 out of 180 members of the general national congress. let's get m
FOX News
May 4, 2014 10:00am PDT
back the administration did not do so. we saw those crisis in egypt and libya, benghazi, in tunisia, and the drama of syria unfolding, and this book is explaining why these crisis are unfolding, answering questions that the reader, the lawmakers, and the public opinion immediate to know about. >> can we right the course on some of these things, whether it's syria, libya, egypt? are there measures that could now stem the tide there, turn the tide? >> well, first of all, we need to understand what the foreign policy has done, and, therefore, we need to hang it. we cannot solve these crisis with the same policy. number one, we have allied ourselves with the wrong factions after or during the arab spring. with the muslim brotherhood in egypt and the jihadists, and in syria we have not acted on time. the two tracks that the administration took partnership with the brotherhood, opening up to the iranians basically led to the disaster that we see, but there is an alternative if the administration decides to change course. >> what would that be? i know it's not easy to choose a horse in the
Al Jazeera America
May 4, 2014 12:00pm EDT
south. >> libya's parliament has chosen a new prime minister. he's been sworn in by the general national congress. he needed 120 votes to win. h libya's previous prime minister ne resigned three weeks ago citing security concerns. >>> the trial of three al jazeera journalists has been adjourned again until may 15th. they are accused of falsifying news and conspireing with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. a fourth journalist has been detained since last august. he has been on hunger track for 104 days. al jazeera rejects all of the charges against its staff. >>> panama is known for its famous canal. now it is getting ready to expand in the hope of becoming one of the shipping capitols of the world. a report from the seaport of cologne. >> panama's makeover is well underway. cranes fill a skyline crowded with sky scrapers. new highways are being built and the country's first metro was inaugurated. it's hoped the expansion of the canal will double trade volumes, attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue. >> panama is in the middle of a $15 billion infrastructure cam
really come from giving u.s. personnel on the ground in libya never reported a protest or video. >> this is a demonstration gone awry. >> reporter: a retired general who was monitoring events that night said an al-qaeda-linked group was immediately identified. >> we felt it was all sharia. >> reporter: what has been overlooked was that the president spoke with hillary clinton. he sent out a press release, bret baier asked the council spokesperson where that information came from? >> september 11th, who tells hillary clinton at 10:00 p.m. to put out that statement to justify the vicious behavior. the announcement already happened about the benghazi attack. as a response to material posted on the internet. at 10:00 p.m. eastern time this is still going on, where does that come from? >> i don't know. >> did you also change the attacks in the talking points? >> i don't remember. >> you don't remember. >> dude this was two months ago. >> dude -- >> we're talking about editing talking points. >> he conceded the president was not in the situation room on the night of the attack. >> the
? given u.s. personnel on the ground in libya never reported a protest or a video. >> this was a hostile action. this was no demonstration gone terribly awry. >> reporter: in new congressional testimony, a retired brigadier general, who was monitoring events that night, said an al qaeda group was linked that night. and immediately identified. on the night of the attack, mrs. clinton spoke with the president. while the exact timing is unknown, at 10:07 p.m. clinton sent out a press release before the attack was over, linking the violence to the video. bret baier asked tommy vitor where that information came from. >> september 11, who tells hillary clinton at 10:00 p.m. to put out this statement that says some have sought to justify this vicious behavior, the announcement has already happened about the benghazi attack, as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet? at 10:00 p.m. eastern time, this is still going on, this attack. so where does that come from? >> i don't know. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe. i don't really rem
say it and when we had gregory hicks, who was number two in libya say in testimony that his jaw dropped when he heard this, that was the first electric moment. this is the second electric moment. >> not only gregory hicks, but the former director of the cia says when he understood susan rice, they had nothing to do with the video. >> they're making a major distinction between the set of talking points which the intelligence community provided and heavily edited after input from the white house and state department. but that set of talking points didn't mention the video. it wasn't ant the video and susan rice's story was all about the video in concert with all the other e-mails that we saw in the white house issued talking points. when you look at the new batch of documents, you have this reclassification or classification of documents that were previously up classified. the timeline is fascinating. june of 2013, judicial watch makes a request for these documents. august of 2013, the house subpoenas the documents. in february of 2014, somebody somewhere classifies previously unc
May 2, 2014 5:30pm PDT
in benghazi, libya. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in that attack. democrats say this new investigation is a ploy to embarrass the white house before november elections, but republicans say the administration just hasn't told the truth. nancy cordes reports. >> reporter: for nearly 20 months, four separate committees in the republican-led house have held dozens of hearings, examined documents, and released reports on the benghazi attacks, but house speaker john boehner said today a special new committee is needed because the obama administration is "intent on obstructing the truth about benghazi," and "willing to defy subpoenas." boehner had long argued a special committee was unnecessary, but aides say he unnecessary, but aides say he changed his mind this week after the white house released previously unseen e-mails in response to a lawsuit. one of the e-mails was sent three days after the libyan attack. deputy national security adviser ben rhodes wrote in public appearances u.n. ambassador susan rice should underscore these protests are rooted in
May 2, 2014 5:30pm PDT
post in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. and separately the republican chairman of the house oversight committee, darrell issa, subpoenaed secretary of state john kerry to testify about the administration's response to the attack. skipping the usual step of issuing an official invitation to appear. a release of internal white house e-mails with new details about the response to the attack has raised questions among republicans about whether the administration was truthful about its initial characterization of the attack. >>> and in afghanistan, a desperate search tonight after days of heavy rain triggered a landslide in a remote village in the northeast. at least 153 people were killed and more than 2,000 are missing tonight. about 300 homes were buried. that's about 1/3 of all the houses in the area. >>> in this country, the news on unemployment took just about everyone by surprise today. 288,000 jobs were added in april. and that helped drive down the unemployment rate from 6.7% to 6.3%. a 5 1/2 year low. but it is not all goo
May 2, 2014 4:00pm PDT
establish a select committee to investigate an embassy attack in libya. issa wants to know why e mails were oem mitted from previous administration submissions. four people died in that attack. >> the cdc says a deadly virus turned up in the u.s. for the first time. an american in saudi arabia is in the hospital in indiana with the mrs virus. 400 cases have been reported there. the virus has been found in camels officials don't know how it is spreading to humans. >> back in the bay area, only four murders in san francisco. as far as anyone can remember that is a record low. >> there appear to be reasons for the big drop. in oakland there have been 29 murders and san jose, 13 since january. why so low in san francisco? >> you're looking at a brazen gang video. so far, this year, san francisco police have seized more than 100 guns many assault rifles from the streets. deputy chief. >> we've done a good job recovering and using video technology, social media. police say there have been four murders compared to last year when there are 11. police say they're focused on violent crimes is another
May 2, 2014 7:00am PDT
my animal services. is the libya investigation if see if the owners could face charges and see if the law is needed be put down. jeff lee is still in intensive care this morning at the docks are calling critical burns its one-year- old spartans linebackers burger over half his body is only had to surgery's his family said he's an, many more skin grafts and the next few months. >>: he's just us to be alive and have this meant much support as he does. after they can for him i guess is that a weapons is still the personality is. >>: there was sleeping in the back bed when the blaze started he was burned running through the flames to a state firefighters believe that unattended canto spark a fire. >>: armed gunmen robbed the gas station in an yack on 18th street by the time police got there the robberies are verdi taken of the u.s. tried to fin these dogs to track them. >>: through our results this morning please are looking for them after they at gunpoint. they held the store by slipping into on law-and-order after the close. there were holding some. my automatic handguns as they poi
Al Jazeera America
May 2, 2014 9:00am EDT
on anti-coup protesters. >>> in eastern libya, rebels have tried to storm the headquarters in benghazi after five people were killed. >>> time to look around the world at what the weather is like where you were, beginning in africa, i think everton? >> yeah, that's right. it's looking pretty good in africa. north africa you can see very little significant cloud out there. just fair-weather cloud. so northeastern parts of algeria you might see one or two showers as you go into the weekend. but that aside, it looks warm, dry, and sunny. heating up in cairo, could touch 40 celsius here. hot and dry pretty much sums it up elsewhere. we have our seasonal rains rumbling away here, running across central africa. we have seen very heavy rain in nigeria. around 55 millimeters. 92 millimeters of rain here in the space of 24 hours as well. those heavy showers will continue across west africa, through ghana, pushing across into southern nigeria. little change as we go through the weekend. out further south it is the dry seen for southern africa. temperatures in johannesberg are 22 stephen
Al Jazeera America
May 2, 2014 6:00am EDT
seeking the truth. when i was covering the conflict in libya i came to see the journalists are just not reporting the news, they are truth seekers. imagine for a moment what would happen if we stopped working with courage. if we abandoned our integrity and gave up independence and freedom, it would leave the world a far more ignorant place with dictators free to take advantage and flurish. i learned my profession with the japanese and the highest expression of gratitude is bow so i want to bow for free press and end to our detention. >> let's bring in the international federation of journalist and a former spokesman for the international criminal court and is live from brussels tell us why world press day or press freedom day is so important. >> it's very important because as you just heard we are far from achieving that kind of idea in the real world. we have many colleagues who are behind jail like in egypt but also elsewhere like in turkey and other places. and so this is an occasion for us to rally around our profession and to call again on the government to respect the right of
May 2, 2014 1:42am PDT
consulate in benghazi, libya. a retired u.s. general has told lawmakers that u.s. forces should have done more to help save the lives of americans who came under attack. here's abc's karen travers. >> reporter: 18 months later and the attack in benghazi is still controversial. on capitol hill on thursday, a retired general who was in the u.s. military's operations center during the attack says u.s. forces should have tried harder to get to the american compound quicker. >> could we have gotten there in time to make a difference? the point is we should have tried. >> reporter: four americans died during the attack, including u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens. he placed the blame on the state department for not making stronger requests for help. >> we didn't know how long this would last when we became aware of the distress. nor did we completely understand what we had in front of us. we had a kidnapping, rescue, recovery, protracted hostile engagement or any or all of the above. >> this newly released e-mail suggests that the white house blamed the attack on a video to take away from
Al Jazeera America
May 1, 2014 7:00am EDT
complained that when we saw similar images in libya and ukraine, members of the senate took to the floor and demanded action, but when it was south sudan, silence. your reaction. >> well, i can see where that argument comes from. i think a lot of people are very frustrated, policy makers around the globe, as to how to get to these two leaders, the president and former president, and how to change their calculations. i don't think some sort of international intervention is on the table here, but there really is a good deal of attention that's going to this. it's not so much why don't people care, it's how can we change their behavior and so far, we're coming up empty. >> how will john kerry's presence at the peace talks be received given the recent threat of u.s. sanctions? >> i think the symbolism of his direct involvement is going to be a good thing, and i suspect there may be conversations about those sanctions and how they can be most impactful. a lot depends on the region, on neighboring countries. it's good to hear secretary kerry is meeting with their leaders. in many ways, t
May 1, 2014 1:42am PDT
karl. >> reporter: 18 months after the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya that killed four americans newly released e-mails say the white house blamed the attack on an e-mail to deflect attention to policies. interviews days after the attacks saying she should quote, underscore these protests are rooted in an zernt internet video and not a broader failure of policy. and that's what she said. >> and reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated. >> reporter: the white house has long insisted rice's talking points came from the intelligence communities but the e-mail is written by a top political aide and the cia director told congress the intelligence community didn't agree with what rice said. >> when she talked about the video, my reaction is that is not something that the analysts have attributed this attack to. >> reporter: the white house insists she didn't change the story at all but released in response to a lawsuit demanding all benghazi related e-mails. >> why were you holding back this information? why was the e-mail not turned over to the congress? t
Apr 30, 2014 8:00pm PDT
. moving ahead of all politicians and then if you look at that libya and syria president's ready to go in militarily congress is ready to dot the i's and cross the t's on how to do that. on the whole eighty percent of americans want don't want to do that well that's a good thing. i just wish i just wish of congress would catch up to the fact that to this spending is not sustainable if they don't fix this up. we're gonna find ourselves in a monetary crisis were defined as those without a country the government trust among young voters those between the ages of about eighteen and twenty nine a new poll surveying on america's political attitudes released by harvard university's institute of politics is a family meals. i'd composite trust index is called which at the level of trust on average in six different institutions the peasants the us military supreme court that the government and united nations is to dramatically in just two years from thirty nine two years ago. all the way i'm thirty one two years ago all the way down to laugh. sorry the tears and thirty one. in mid april. forgive me
Apr 30, 2014 5:30pm PDT
months after the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya that killed four americans newly released e-mails suggest it was the white house blamed the attacks in in order to deflect the president's policies. the secret white house e-mail list top goals for ambassador susan rice as she prepared for a round of five interviews just says after the attacks, saying she should "underscore these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. and that's what she said. >> in reaction to this very offensive video -- that was disseminated. >> reporter: all along, the white house insisted that information came from the intelligence community but the email is written by a top political aide. and the former cia director recently told congress the intelligence community didn't agree with what rice said. >> when she talked about the video, my reaction was, that's not something that the analysts have attributed this attack to. >> reporter: the white house insists the e-mail doesn't change the story but was only released in response to a lawsuit demanding all benghazi relat
Apr 30, 2014 5:30am PDT
forcingnt in libya, lawmakers to postpone a vote for a new prime minister to take on the lawlessness gripping the north african nation. the libyan parliament attacked again. this is what the assembly's hallway looks like after a group of gunmen stormed it tuesday after opening fire. >> we were taken by surprise. told us that the gunman trying to penetrate the building had shot at the windows. was allegedly to block the election of a new prime minister. the previous one resigned earlier this month am only five days into the job, after his family had been threatened. tuesday morning before the shooting, dnp's held the first 's held the first vote. the final election was postponed until next week. made the first round, we our selections. we will support the candidate who gets at least 120 ballots. the libyan parliament has been attacked several times in recent months, including an early march shooting in which two lawmakers were injured. libyan leaders have been unable to rein in former rebel brigades . benghazi is one of the worst hit cities. tuesday a car exploded at the entrance of o
Apr 30, 2014 4:00am PDT
attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the e-mails were obtained by the conservative watchdog group judicial watch. one was sent by white house communications adviser ben rhodes who is the brother of cbs news s president david rhodes. it lists one goal as, quote, to underscore that these protests are rooted in an inter234ed video and not a broader failure of policy. four americans were killed in the attack by militants on the u.s. consulate including ambassador christopher stevens. initially they linked the attack to the reaction to an anti-islam video rather than an islam militant. the white house said it was just stating the facts known at the time. the white house claims these e-mails are the smoking gun that shows the administration was trying to shield the president during the 2012 election. and you can see more on the benghazi e-mails coming up on "cbs this morning." >>> now, the state of oklahoma is investigating a bon. execution. oklahoma was using a new drug combination to execute clayton lockett. after ten minutes prison officials declared him unconscious, but someti
Apr 29, 2014 3:59pm PDT
stormed libya's parliament, forcing him peep us to abandon a vote to choose a new prime minister -- or singh s to abandon amp' vote to choose a new prime minister. the mothers of a group of nigerian school girls who were abducted two weeks ago have been holding a protest march in the capital. they say they are frustrated by lack of action from the authorities. the girls were taken from their school in the remote northern state. this comes amid reports that some of them may have been sold into marriage in neighboring karam -- cameroon. today, china called for an easing of tension after pyongyang conducted its second live fire military exercise in less than a month. the most recent drill took place on an island off the country's west coast near the disputed border with south korea. intelligence agencies are also concerned about increased activities at north korea's nuclear sites. concern mounts that north korea might be preparing for another nuclear test, it is its conventional weaponry that has once again been making its southern neighbor nervous. haven't been given notice that th
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 6:00pm EDT
that's not the case. another three-day strike is planned next week. >>> in libya the vote for the new prime minister was stopped when gunmen stormed the building and open fired. it linked two of the defeated candidates running for prime minister. several people were injured. this is set to be the final vote to replace the outgoing prime minister who stepped down when armed fighters attacked its family. and iraq preparations are under way to hold the first national elections since u.s. troops withdrew more than two years ago. at least 17 people were injured in two bombings in baghdad. the violence has risen since iraq fighting in anbar province and there are concerns that security will not be able to prevent violence. >> reporter: people in baghdad take advantage of the holiday declared for the elections and try and relax despite the violence that has hit this city in the last few days. massive security operations are under way. the air space is closed flights, shops are shut and there is a 10:00 p.m. curfew. despite that, people say they will vote. >> i'm optimistic for two reasons. n
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 4:00pm EDT
is planned for next week. >>> in libya a vote to choose a prime minister was stopped when gunmen stormed a building and opened fire. they were linked to a defeated candidate. several were inclurd. this -- injured. it was said to be the time vote to replace a prime minister that stepped down when arm fighters attacked his familily. >>> directions since u.s. troops were removed. 7 people were injured in baghdad. sectarian violence has risen since fighters have been driven from anbar problems. there's concerns security will not be able to prevent the violence there. imran khan reports. >> reporter: people in baghdad take advantage of the holiday declared for the elections and relax, despite violence that hits the city. a massive security operation is under way. shops and offices are shut. there's a 10:00 pm curfew. despite that people will vote. >> i'm optimistic for two reasons, number one, i think people will vote for a change. the second. even people who don't want to change will vote because they don't want to feel cheated. >> baghdad is relatively save. the army has been involv
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 1:00pm EDT
, reuters news agency is reporting that gunmen have stormed libya's parliament and opened fire. several people said to be injured, forcing law make he is to stop the vote for the next prime minister, witnesses saying lawmakers were running from the building, we'll have more information on this story of as it becomes available. and coming up on al jazerra america, if you have a smart phone and we know that you do, this story affects you. the supreme court set to see if police are able to go through your phone without a war warrant. >> al jazeera america is a straight-forward news channel. >> its the most exciting thing to happen to american journalism in decades. >> we believe in digging deep. >> its unbiased, fact-based, in-depth journalism. >> you give them the facts, dispense with the fluff and get straight to the point. >> i'm on the ground every day finding stories that matter to you. >> in new orleans... >> seattle bureau... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. so many mone
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 12:00pm EDT
. >>> as some breaking news for you from libya. gunmen have stormed the libya parliament in tripoli and started shooting, and forced lawmakers to abandon a vote on the next prime minister. several people have been wounded by the shooting, and according reuters news agency, the gunmen were part of a party from one of the candidates. this has now disrupted the vote on the next prime minister with several people injured, and we'll give you the latest on that as we get it. >>> anti-corruption investigators in indonesia say this month's parliamentary elections were the most fraudulent in recent history. steph has the report. >> reporter: others prefer to do it secretly, but this parliament member is caught on camera, handing out money during a recent campaign rally. he denies it is vote buying because he says he did not make an agreement that people receiving the money should vote for him. >> translator: my religion says to help each other. there is nothing dangerous about this. i always have a lot of money in my pocket, and i am not campaigning now. i give this to parking attend danths, sec
Apr 28, 2014 11:00am PDT
russia enough to help libya but seek the trees the us and the uk. news on your lawn civilian self defense units are being established in eastern ukraine using local mortgage to resist anti government worship backed minute since the dawn of self defense unit at around four hundred men all stationed on an old farmhouse in east ukraine's dumbass region to stop the nt government for russian forces infiltrating futher into the eastern ukraine. currently there is still no sign of the nt government gunmen seize control of other parts of the east and india screeches to a local plan on taking each films and music in self defense units of sprung up setting up checkpoints along the roads to keep anti government militants after the area were wounded. is there. we are able to settle people to and from this area i mean this is from russia we will see them immediately we will use our experience can download on which we know the people who live there. we know all the bits that will allow us to find this a bit. and for the armed forces of ukraine. so we don't know they will manage to beat the chil
Apr 27, 2014 11:00pm PDT
>>> 17-year-old libya cole had won two previous tournaments on the l pga tour she did that as a amateur. today she won for a third time this time she got a paycheck for her efforts. won the round of the swinging sports tournament. she would need this birdie to win by a stroke. shoots the round of 693 days after her 17th birthday. gets the winner's check and moves up to number two in the world's ranking. >>> and near new orleans, turned into a victory lap for first time winner nho. nho was a final round 71 and two stroke win. nho began with a two stroke win. but for bradley ballooned with a 75. >>> like the warriors the sharks have some business to attend to at l.a. staple center. san jose gets its third chance tomorrow night to wrap up its the stanley cup series. the kings have come back to win the last two. the late flurry for the ducks as they wrapped up their series in dallas. stars lead 4-2 in two minutes and 10 seconds to play. 4-3 here. ducks put the pressure on kari lehtonen. 2:47 in it's over. bonino gets the second goal of the game. they take this series 4-2. >>> elsewhere the
Apr 27, 2014 3:00am PDT
significantly after the air of spring and overthrow the gadhafi regime in libya according to official data more than twenty thousand illegal immigrants arrive in italy from north africa and the middle east is the beginning of the year another four crew members of the seawall sunken ferry tuesday has been into marine mechanics were detained at present entire staff of the ship including the captain is under arrest according to the mature is of the case the captain was on the first two left the vessel therefore he may be sentenced to life imprisonment in addition passengers complained that the crew members did nothing for the salvation of the people during the crash it will encourage people going to remain in the places the seawall passenger ferry sank a heap of sixteen off the coast of south korea the death toll reached one hundred and eighty seven another one hundred and fifteen people are missing according to investigators the negligence of the crew and the vessel overload what's the main reasons for the disaster. the second congress of political experts of kazakhstan was hel
Apr 25, 2014 5:00pm PDT
double standards in all four points each. well we have one each in libya where we support them on on under the issues we don't. this comes the very same week we saw twenty but a war criminal attacking is that somehow we couldn't forget all the problems in the world than just focus on muslims. i mean this is a deeply cynical but tying the fall of local people in our country but i might cynically as muslims we applaud terrorism. we reject suicide bombing on reject him at even kidding. i'd just be an umno will. good grief now see the homes of exploded in a stadium in iraq is the twenty six dead and dozens seriously injured this month with the small than ten thousand people gathered for political rather than present leadership candidates for the upcoming political elections. while it's not compete in such a case of human figures show the death toll mounts reached its highest point in two thousand and eight. israel's promise to pull the plug on the stool that i was trying to stop the countries to form a rival puppies from us and have to agree to form a unified government. and the other wi
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